GB Alumni 5k “Race”

What better way to motivate fellow GB alumni to pitch in and help out the ‘ol school than to start an intramural competition!

Every year until the Centennial in 2026, we’ll be holding 5k “races”, where we’ll be encouraging each grad class to raise $5,000 ($5k) over that year. We’ll try to update the “race” on this website and our Facebook page. The first classes to cross the “finish line” will be recognized at the Re-Connect event.

Some ideas for donations and how to get them to GB can be found here.

So remember when you make a donation to GB, indicate your class year so that your class’ total will be updated.

GB Alumni … Get ready … Set … Go!!!

One thought on “GB Alumni 5k “Race””

  1. I visited GB in February and was surprised to see the music room in major disarray and also to discover that there is no longer a string program – apparently all of the instruments were sold to a program in BC. I actually began studying the violin at GB with music teacher and former concertmaster of the Winnipeg Symphony, Richard Seaborn, and went on to study in Europe and make a carreer in a symphony orchestra. I wonder if the alumni could do anything to encourage a revival of the string program? It was really excellent in the late 70’s.

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