Notable Scholastic Competitions



1975 – Provincial championship:
– I. Borys, G. DuVal, M. Ellis, S. Krogh; Mr. J. Barsby (Coach), Mrs. S. Calof & Mr. S. Wohl (Asst. Coaches)

RFTT 1975 Prov Champs
RFTT 1975 Provincial Champs. Photo: Purple and “Solid” Gold – Gordon Bell Memories 1932-1982, p 69.

1974 – Provincial  championship:
– R. Ellis, S. Lowe, W. Lowe, F. Zamick; Mr. J. Barsby (Coach), Mrs. S. Calof (Asst. Coach)

RFTT 1974 Provincial Champs
RFTT 1974 Provincial Champs. Photo: CBC Winnipeg, from Shirley Lowe, GB’74.

1973 – Flight championship and City Finalist/Provincial Semi-Finalist
– I. Borys, R. Ellis, M. Green, B. Leslie; Mr. J. Barsby (Coach), Mrs. S. Calof (Asst. Coach)


1978/79 – MSSS Grand Prize, Gold Medal & London Fort-night contestant: T. Kwan (“4-Bit Processor”); Gold Medal & top prizes in Computer Science & Mathematics: P. Niesink (“Computer Half-Chess”)

1976/77 – Championship – Science Reach for the Top:
– D. Bayomi, I. Mikawoz, W. Sikora, T. Wolowiec; S. Wohl (Coach)



1972/73 – National Team Championship, Junior Mathematics Contest – Team: M. Ellis, M. Green, and B. Leslie. Contest written on March 1 by 20,731 students from 960 schools. Provincial Math Champion: B. Leslie (ranked 3rd nationally)

1972/73 – Senior Mathematics Contest – Prize Winners: E. Ng (4th) and S. Kam (6th)