Calling All Volunteers for May 7

Our May 7 Alumni Re-Connect is quickly approaching … it’ll be a success if we all pitch in … can you help with any of the following?  Visit our Send a Question page if you can help …
– SET-UP – 3 people to help set up, from 1pm-1:30pm – setting up welcome table, putting up signs, possibly arranging tables/chairs, etc, the usual set-up tasks
– REFRESHMENTS – 10 people each to bring $10 worth of pop/water/juice/cookies/paper cups & plates/napkins … you’ll be reimbursed at the event – you’d take home your left-overs
– WELCOME TABLE – 3 people to be “greeters” from 1:30-1:50pm and 3 people 1:50-2:15pm – we’ll have a table at the lunchroom – great way to re-connect w/GBers as they come in
– EVENT ASSISTANTS – 3 people to help where needed during the event (tidy the refreshments table, locate caretaker, …)
– CLEAN-UP – 4 people to help clean up, from 5pm-5:30pm
Thanks for helping make our event a success – look forward to seeing you there!

One thought on “Calling All Volunteers for May 7”

  1. Will volunteer for the Welcome Table 1:30 – 1:50, and will stay and help clean up. Will bring some paper plates and Napkins.

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